Sunday, 25 February 2018

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    Frank Field re-elected as Work and Pensions Committee Chair

    The veteran Labour MP returns unopposed 

    Labour MP Frank Field has been re-elected as chair of the Work and Pensions Committee (WPC) for the 2017 Parliament, following nominations and elections among MPs.  

    No other nominations were received for the position, so Field has been declared elected, unopposed. 

    He will formally take up his position once the remaining members of the committee have been named by the House of Commons. 

    Commenting on his re-election, Field said: “The future of work, retirement and our social safety net will remain among the biggest issues facing our economy in the short and long term. I look forward to working with committee colleagues to take up both unfinished business from the last Parliament and their new ideas to move these debates on.” 

    Field has been chair of the WPC since June 2015, and last year oversaw the inquiry into British Home Store’s collapse, including the knock-on effects on its pension scheme. 




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