Sunday, 25 February 2018

    Diversification: give us your views

    Take part in our research on trustees’ investment strategies

    With interest rates low and economies around the world facing uncertain times, the case for diversification in trustees’ investment portfolios is as powerful as ever.

    Engaged Investor wants to know your views. We’re interested in the approach you take to diversification in your portfolio and the role that specific strategies play within your investment plans. To do that, we’re running an online survey to collect your opinions, and also a series of virtual panels to gather trustees’ thoughts.


    The results will be collated and used as the basis for one of Engaged Investor’s highly regarded research reports. You can see some examples of previous research here.

    Click here to take the survey and you could be in with a chance to win £150 John Lewis vouchers. If you’d also like to participate in one of our virtual panels, please contact Jenna Gadhavi, Engaged Investor’s special projects editor.

    The survey closes on 15 May.

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