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    "Political risk is growing'"

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    Defined Contribution

    Re-enrolment could be an opportunity to review scheme governance

    27 February 2017 By Jenna Gadhavi

    Rather than being another box ticking exercise on their pensions to-do list, employers could use re-enrolment to review scheme governance, says Jenna Gadhavi

    AE contributions have to rise and employers must pull their weight

    16 February 2017 By Jack Jones

    Nationwide’s success story provides two vital lessons for raising auto-enrolment contribution levels

    How Nationwide encouraged staff to pay more to get moreVideo

    15 February 2017 By Jack Jones

    The building society successfully boosted the number of members making extra contributions from 9% to 84%

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    Defined Contribution

    Sometimes also called 'money purchase' schemes. In a defined contribution scheme, each individual holds his or her own 'pot' of money, which will be used after retirement to provide an on-going source of pension income. All the investment risk sits with the member, not the employer.

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    Defined Contribution

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